Castlebrook Memorial Park Burial and Cremation Funeral Services

Kevin and Perram Funerals have had a long association with the Castlebrook Memorial Park. Located on the Old Windsor Road at Rouse Hill it offers both cremation services as well as burial sites suitable for all families and religious requirements.


Memories are forever – keeping those we love near.

Pinegrove Memorial Park provides a sanctuary where reflections and thoughts can flourish and resonate in a tranquil, inviting environment. It is a place of natural, landscaped beauty, maintained by dedicated staff; a place where peace and privacy are cherished and respected.


No two lives are exactly the same.

And this sense of individuality can be reflected through the choice of a fitting memorial.

From the simplicity of a lawn burial with a bronze plaque, to an above ground crypt, or a rose or family memorial garden where cremated remains can be placed, we offer a wide choice of options designed to reflect personal aesthetics, adhere to cultural and religious requirements – all within a wide range of budgets.


Our consultants are onsite at your convenience to fully explain these options, including any requirements to pre-arrange your personalised memorial needs.

To find out more about what Castlebrook Memorial Park can offer, why not contact us and organise to take a relaxed, obligation-free tour of our park.


Where family and friends come to commemorate and celebrate the past.

Where one can retreat to the privacy of one’s own thoughts and where a moment of reflection can bring back a lifetime of memories.

Castlebrook Memorial Park … a restful place, where one can just be …

If you are considering a funeral service at the Castlebrook Memorial Park, please call us at any time and we can arrange an appointment for you.