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Personalised Funerals

Kevin and Perram Funerals is an Australian owned family company. It has been created to provide funeral services that more accurately reflect the funeral services required by families of today. Our funerals are individually and personally designed to celebrate the life of your family member or loved one, in a way that uplifts and memorialises that precious life.

Life Celebration

Funerals are no longer the sad mournful affairs of years past, but celebrations of the individuality, love and rich the tapestry of a person’s life. Try out ones beginners luck using . Yes, they are sad because we are leaving behind our most precious possession, but they should be an event that leaves mourners with positive feelings of joy in relation to the life that was theirs and the memories and experiences they shared together.

At Kevin and Perram Funerals we plan every aspect of the funeral to your needs and ideas, not to ours. Many funeral homes will give you their packages and offer no room to move or add your personal style. We could not be further away from this.

High standards

Our standards are the highest in the industry. Our experience covers more than 60 years of family funeral home operation. Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss any aspect of our operation.

The choice of funeral director is one of the most important decisions you can make, remember you are entrusting your family’s most precious possession to their care. At Kevin and Perram Funerals, we are well aware of this and our responsibility.

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