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Kevin and Perram Funerals Services Sydney arranges and conducts funerals for all faiths. Our experience allows us to provide funerals that meet particular requirements of clergy and families need to personal the funeral to reflect the life that is being celebrated.

Below is an outline of some funeral services for various Christian religions. Kevin and Perram Funerals staff will work with the family and clergy during every phase of the funeral to produce the most memorable service possible

What is Christianity?

The term “Christian” comes from the New Testament book of Acts, where Luke (the likely author) explains that followers (or “disciples”) of Jesus were first called “Christians” in the city of Antioch (Acts 11:26). The term stuck, and quickly came to define all those who believed in and followed Jesus of Nazareth.

Protestant Funerals

Major Protestant religions include Anglican, Uniting, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah’s Witness and many others. Each church, religion and community will likely have of their own funeral traditions, but they do have some common traits.

The funeral usually takes place within the week after the death, often in a church, funeral home, Chapel or Crematorium. Some families will choose to have a wake or visitation prior to the funeral, but not always. Protestant funerals are usually very quiet, solemn affairs, though some churches with a musical or more boisterous tradition of worship do incorporate those traditions in funerals.

Many churches have a tradition to emphasize a community feeling at funerals, by inviting attendees to speak about the Deceased in combination with traditional readings from Scripture. Sometimes the Deceased’s favourite music will be played and photos will be displayed.

It is common for a reception to be held after the funeral, either at the church or at the home of the family where people share food and stories.

Catholic Funerals

The information listed here is a guide only, your are urged to discuss matters of the church, faith and funerals with the Parish Priest.

Once you have arranged the funeral with your personal funeral arranger it is important that you then contact the parish Priest in order to plan the funeral service. Each Priest will have particular requirements for the conduct of Christian Funeral Rites. It is important that you meet the Priest early in the funeral planning process. Kevin and Perram Funerals have specialist funeral arrangers for the provision of Catholic funerals, each with years of experience in the requirements of Catholic services.

There are generally three parts to a Catholic funeral:

• The Night before
• The funeral liturgy, and
• Final committal

Various churches and families may choose to conduct each of these parts differently.