Funeral Alternatives

Modern, Traditional or Mixed

Over time all things change. Funerals are no different. Today the ways people honour a person’s life are many and varied. Kevin and Perram Funerals assist families in planning a meaningful and special service that reflects individuality and uniqueness of each and every one of us.

One of the things we hear the most when planning a funeral is that “we have never done this before”, in most cases people will only organise one or two funerals in their lifetime. Our experienced funeral arranger will assist you every step of the way in the planning and delivery of a celebration that fits everyone. The modern funeral allows complete flexibility; here are a few examples of the personal ways a life can be celebrated:

• A photograph may be placed on the coffin or entrance to the chapel.
• A selection of personal reading that personally reflects a life.
• Candles may be light as part of the ceremony.
• Flowers may be placed on the casket as part of the service.
• A selection of music may be used to bring back memories during the service.
• A DVD presentation of the deceased life
• Balloon releases.
• A bag piper or jazz band
• A memories box can be used for mourners’ personal thoughts
• Dove releases
• A single chair at a front of the service for the one that

These are just a few suggestions. A Kevin and Perram Funerals service can be completely designed to your individual requirements to commemorate to life of your family member. We allow you complete flexibility in relation to planning of the funeral. Remember these are not non-religious services but designed to celebrate to life of your family member or loved one.