Writing a Funeral Eulogy

Tips for writing a eulogy or speech for funerals

One of the most personal and honoured things  someone can be asked to do is to deliver a eulogy at a funeral. Eulogy’s can be delivered by a family member, close friend or business associate or anyone close to the deceased. There are many different websites that offer advice on how to deliver a eulogy.  However here are just a few tips based upon our years of experience.

• Limit the eulogy to 5 to 7 minutes. Any longer and mourners may lose attention.

• In order to cover the many facets of someone’s life it may be necessary to have more than one eulogy. In this case we recommend a maximum of 3. It is most important that each of those delivering the eulogy talk well before the service to ensure that they are not repeating themselves.

• Presenting the eulogy can be very emotional, it is recommended that the eulogy be typed and double spaced, that way some else can finish delivery of the eulogy should emotion overcome.

• Avoid the temptation of allowing anyone who is attending the service to come up and say “a few words” while sometimes this can add to the service; our experience is that most of the time it detracts from the service totally. A eulogy should be prepared, reviewed, considered  and rehearsed, and should be far more than a long list of “old war stories”

• The eulogy if possible should  contain some humour.

The eulogy is a very important part of the funeral service. Please discuss with your arranger at the conference.