The Arrangement Conference

Making Funeral Arrangements in Sydney

The arrangement conference is the 1st step in the planning of a funeral service

The arrangement conference is the first step in the planning of a funeral service for your family member or loved one. The conference can take plan in both the comfort and privacy of your home or at one of our offices. It is important that as many of the family and friends who are involved in the decision making process are present as possible, however we also understand that in today’s world people are spread out. This means that final decisions may well need consideration and consultation.

The conference will usually take between 1 to 2 hours. It is important to allocate the necessary time.  Our funeral arranger will go through everything you need to know and allow time to arrive at your final instruction. Here also is the first in many differences at Kevin and Perram Funerals, the arranger will look after you every step of the way, arranging, planning and conducting the funeral on the day. This allows you to build trust and ensures none of the important details are missed.

Please take some time to review this section of our website and consider the individual and personal decisions and aspects of the funeral you are arranging. Please take time and call us with any question, remember that no question is too small to be considered in the arrangements of your family member or loved one.