Life Celebration Funerals and Religion

Life Celebration Funerals are not necessarily non-religious

A life should be celebrated. Kevin and Perram Funerals are exactly that. Every service is individually and personally designed to reflect and celebrate the life of your family member or loved one. Over the years funeral traditions and customs have changed. The way we say “good bye” is now much more individual. At Kevin and Perram Funerals every funeral is unique and personalised to each family’s wishes. These are not non religious funerals but individual personalised tributes to a life, spiritual is a term we hear a lot from the families we look after. Our services are used by deeply religious families as well as those planning a life style funeral to every detail.

This section of our site deals with four items:

• Explain how the Life Celebration Funerals can hand make a personal service that is special in every way
• The importance of the funeral celebrant in the service itself. That may be one of our exceptional celebrants, your own clergy or your own celebrant
• How religious faiths can be respected and honoured in the context of a life celebration 

Life Celebration Funerals are not necessarily non religious and a many suitable combinations can be found, likewise if you require a  no religious aspects at all.

In short we offer a blank canvass for planning of an uplifting funeral service that honour their life.