Flowers have been used for hundreds of years at funerals. They are used to express, love and respect for your loved one or family member. In the last few years people have changed the way they use flowers in relation to funerals.
Traditionally a family will provide a floral tribute for the top of the casket that expresses their feelings and love. This is known as the “casket cover”. In addition we can also advise on other floral bowls or tributes for family members or friends that will enhance the funeral. At Kevin and Perram Funerals we will design a floral tribute featuring particular colours and flowers that have particular personal significance.
A popular modern way of saying good bye is the placing of a single flower on the casket as part of the funeral ceremony by immediate family and close friend. This should be discussed with your person funeral arranger and officiate.
Some families will also encourage mourners to make donations in honour of the decease to a particular charity rather than sending flowers to the funeral. We can assist with advice and collection of donations if required.