How To Choose Between A Burial Or Cremation

Deciding on a Burial or a Cremation

The decision of burial versus cremation is usually one of the few areas were people’s wishes are well known to their family members. As in all aspects of the funeral arrangements, it is a personal choice that dictates the final disposition of a deceased. Certain religions still do not allow cremation however in recent years many have relaxed their views towards cremation. In brief, the following apply:


The first thing to realise about burial is that there is still ample land available for burial purposes in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Currently, graves in New South Wales have the security of use by its owners. That means graves are not reused.


A person’s preference for cremation is usually well known by their family. Today at least 50% of all funeral services in New South Wales are cremations. Service can be held in either the crematorium chapel which are all well equipped and modern or at a church and then followed by cremation. At Perram and Timmins Sydney Funeral Directors we can advise on all available crematoria, facilities available and various.

In addition to the standard documentation for a burial additional doctors certificated or Coroners Permits are required for cremation. We will attend to these as part of our funeral planning process.

While cremation is generally considered to be a cheaper option as opposed to burial, the final cost may be much closer when memorialisation at a crematorium is added. This needs to be investigated prior to a final decision being made.

Special options

Today there are also a range of special ways to conduct the “final disposition” these include burials at sea, burials on private property or farm, above ground burials and ash scattering to name a few. Please contact us directly to discuss any special requirements as we have had considerable experience in many of these types of services.