Alternative Venues

Alternative Venues and Locations for Funerals in Sydney

A life can be celebrated in many ways; likewise, the places where we conduct that celebration are the same. Today funerals can be held in many places. Below is a small list of possible alternative venues where celebrations can be held.

• The park where family members hold special childhood memories
• The golf club
• The football club
• A special beach spot
• The “Great Aussie” backyard
• The family farm or in the paddock
• A river bank
• Community hall where charity work was performed
• In fact any place that holds special significance in the life being celebrated.

Our experienced arrangers can help you plan a celebration in that special location of particular significance to you and the loved one you are honouring. It is necessary to bear in mind that certain permits or approvals may be required from local authorities when planning services.

Alternative locations can be some of the most rewarding and uplifting funeral service that anyone can attend. Consideration should be given to this concept when planning.


Kevin and Perram Funerals have conducted many outside services. These can be very special events, particularly when conducted at a location that has unique relevance to the life of your loved one. Celebrations held at outside locations can be uplifting and meaningful events, particularly when held at a location with a special connection to that life. Assuming that all relevant permits are available the only other consideration is the weather. When assessing the suitableness of an outside venue rain contingencies should be made.