Vaults & Crypts

Many families will choose to have their family member entered in and above ground crypt, vault or mouseleum. Increased details usually are offered with . Kevin and Perram Funerals Sydney have many years of experience in these specialist funeral services.

The Italian and Lebanese communities particularly favour these types of funerals, although increasingly we are finding many other groups are now choosing this option. The above ground funeral option covers all the same requirements and choice options for other funerals, with the following additional items:

  1. The deceased must be fully embalmed, certificated must be signed by a qualified embalmer prior to acceptance by the cemetery of the funeral
  2. The coffin or casket must be of a solid timber construction; MDF or particle board is not acceptable
  3. The coffin must be lined with a metal “Titan Zinc” liner which is rated to 99.995% pure zinc
  4. The zinc liner must be sealed by an air tight seal

Kevin and Perram Funerals Sydney can advise on the requirements of these services please call us at any time to discuss.