Serbian Funerals Sydney

Your Best Choice for Serbian Orthodox Funeral Services and Directors Sydney


Kevin and Perram Funerals Services Sydney have staff experienced in the arranging and conducting of Serbian Orthodox funeral services. Our specialist Serbian Orthodox funeral arrangers and directors are able to organise the funerals for Serbian families with attention to all customs rituals and special requirements of Serbian Orthodox funeral traditions

When making your initial contact with Kevin and Perram Funerals Directors Sydney please let us know you will be organising a Serbian Orthodox funeral, in that way we can ensure that your assigned person funeral director will have the specialist skills needed to look after you.

Our close connections with the Rookwood Cemetery and Liverpool General Cemetery, allow us to arrange, organise and carry out Serbian Orthodox funerals services to the highest possible standards

Our services are available 24 hours a day to arrange funeral services for members of the Serbian community, please contact us at any time to discuss your personal funeral requirements.

Please use our special website translator to view our site in the Serbian language, located on the top right or our home page.