Solid Timber

Solid Timber

The origins of the word “Coffin” are not completely certain but certainly date well back into history. The coffin is a shaped item wide at the shoulder and tapering towards the feet. It is most traditionally used in European funeral service and has tendered to be used more widely in the Australian industry.

At Kevin and Perram Funerals we are all about personal individual choice. Our range of solid timber Australian made coffins is suitable for every buyer. Also available is custom paint and styling if required.

Solid timber is recommended more for burials rather than cremations, but this is only a guide. The material used in many of our solid timber products come from renewable timber resources and therefore has no impact on the environment and can be used in cremation services without any concern for our environment.

State Cedar

Constructed from solid cedar this is the finest item available. Featuring a semi domed lid, routed panel sides and end plates, finished with scallops and button corners this is the finest product available. The lining is of the highest quality satin. The State Cedar is for only the finest of tastes. This item is suitable for above ground interments.


A triple raised lid with a scalloped and button end and a distinctive heavy styled base. It has solid timber round bar handles and is a traditional design. The material used is from plantation timbers and is available in rosewood or cedar colours, however it is stunning in white. The Roman is an elegant style with a traditional “English” heritage.


A triple raised lid with scalloped and button end with a distinctive heavy styled base. It has solid timber round bar handles and is a traditional design. It features panel sides similar to the State cedar.

Richmond Cedar

A simple coffin, constructed of solid cedar. Featuring an extra wide moulding and scalloped and buttoned corners. This is elegant in its minimalism but highlighting the timber used in this high end quality product. It is suitable for above ground interments.