The Planning

Planning a funeral with Kevin and Perram Funerals Home

Sydney, Liverpool and Parramatta


At Kevin and Perram Funerals Sydney, we know that the planning is a vital element in the delivery of the special funeral service you require for your family member or loved one. Once the arrangement conference is completed our planning process starts.

The information below briefly outlines the planning process of our personal funeral service from conference to the day of the funeral.

In brief, the planning and funeral process is as follows:

  1. The arrangement conference
  2. The meeting with the celebrant or clergy
  3. Family organisational tasks and preparation
  4. The viewing (optional)
  5. The funeral service day


Various parts of the website deal with all of these phases of the funeral process and are explained in details. If you prefer, please give us a call and we can advise you on the things that need to be done.

Below are a few of the funeral processes that will need to be done and options to be considered.


Funerals are about organising. Every aspect must be checked and rechecked prior to the day of the funeral. In addition to booking of the funeral, some of our duties include:

  • Newspaper notices in local, metropolitan, interstate and overseas publications
  • Floral tribute orders and delivery details
  • Orders of service and liaison with printers
  • Additional hire car requirements
  • Clothing for the deceased
  • Donations envelope collection
  • Memorial book preparation
  • Medical or coronial documentation
  • Personal memento placement in the casket
  • Statutory registration of the death
  • Mounting of religious symbols if required
  • Preparation of grave markers
  • Liaison with external grave digging contractors
  • Liaison with local council
  • Liaison with Health Department representatives
  • Airline bookings
  • Liaison with singers and musicians

This list above is not exhaustive and indeed individual for each service. Every personal detail is vital to the funeral service. Our years of experience and internal control systems ensure that all arrangements on the day are conducted in accordance with your personal wishes.

Funeral Documentation

In New South Wales there are two types of documentation that can be issued to allow a funeral to take place. Documents can be issued in either of two ways and depend on the circumstances of the death.

Natural causes

When the death occurs due to natural causes a registered medical practitioner will issue a document called the “Medical Certificate of Cause of Death”. If the funeral is to be a cremation an additional document is prepared by the same doctor to allow the cremation. In cremation these two documents are then reviewed by a second Government Approved doctors who complete a Medical Referees Certificate to allow the cremation.

Coroner’s case

In about 10% of funerals, the Coroner is involved in the death. In these situations, the Coroner will issue relevant documentation for both burial and cremation as necessary. This may delay the funeral by a few days. The coroner may then review the circumstances surrounding the death at their discretion. This is called the Coroner’s Inquest and takes place at a later date. This inquest does not delay the funeral but if the situation is applied; you should contact the relevant Coroners Court.


The funeral service is conducted at a time and place of your choosing. However, some limitations may occur due to clergy or celebrant availability, church events, cemetery or crematorium schedules and even after funeral catering venue bookings.

Once all necessary funeral documentation has been prepared by the deceased Doctor or State Corner, all funeral bookings can then be made. Your personal funeral arranger will make all necessary arrangements and then a confirm time. It is our policy never to confirm the time of the funeral until everything is in place.